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Cardinals And 49ers Fans Get In Huge Brawl During Sunday's Game



Things we learned.


1. Apparently event staff at the Cardinals stadium will not break up a brawl unless you physically fall into their lap. As in like 10 people falling down a flight of stairs into a security guards face.




2. I’m pretty sure we broke the record for most punches thrown at the exact same time. It was like that scene in Reservoir Dogs when everyone has a gun pointed at someone. Quick, everyone punch the closest brain possible! That was pretty sweet.





3. Choking out the security guard who is trying to break the fight up is an interesting move to say the least.






And somehow someway I don’t think anyone really got arrested. Sort of just moved on with their day. Fight down a flight of stairs, get someone bloody, attack a security guard and HEY LOOK WERE KICKING A FIELD GOAL! Game’s back on. I guess we should be happy that the Raiders weren’t involved and no one got stabbed? That was nice.