Andy Cohen Making Fun Of A SantaCon Party On His IG Story And Then Going To The Party Is A Great Watch

That series of Instagram stories will warm the heart of even the biggest Grinch. I couldn’t have been happier when it cut to Andy and his dog strolling into the SantaCon party. Ripping tequila shots and making new friends. People forget that parties are super fun. Shockingly, parties are even more fun than making fun of parties. You wouldn’t think so but it’s true.

You wanna know how I feel about SantaCon? Well too bad if you don’t because you’re already reading the blog. My feelings on SantaCon mirror the arc we saw in Cohen’s video. I’m now pro-SantaCon side and it’s not because I wanna go, I haven’t and never will, but it’s because of all the people who proudly and smugly hate on SantaCon. The people who tweet about SantaCon like, “I don’t even wanna be at SantaCon today. Is this what it means to adult?” are far more annoying than the blacked out folks dressed as Saint Nick puking on the corner. The people who hate on SantaCon are just old people who for some reason think they’re above dressing up and drinking enough whiskey to kill a small reindeer.

I’m never a fan of anyone who feels too passionately about any side of any topic. If you are super passionate about an opinion you hold and repeatedly make it known to the world, you can bet your ass I’m gonna be on the other side of that. Not because I’m a contrarian, I just find it annoying. That’s how I arrived at my pro-SantaCon stance. Debbie Downers are so proud to not be participating in SantaCon anymore and I’m sick of hearing about it. So I stand with the drunken Santas while I sit on my couch.

And remember, every friend was once a stranger.