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I Hate That Fox Sports Is Bringing Back "Roundball Rock" AKA The NBA On NBC Song For College Basketball Games

So Reags blogged this earlier and I have been thinking about it all day and to be honest I am steaming mad. At first I was happy that the greatest sports song ever was back in our lives because it’s such a good fucking song. Then I thought about how about how little I care about college basketball these days (no offense Reags) and quickly realized I don’t want Roundball Rock back like this. The people at Fox Sports were so preoccupied with whether they could bring back Roundball Rock that they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Now let me say that nobody loves Roundball Rock more than this old ass Knicks fan. That song was the declaration of war before every battle against the Bulls, Pacers, and Heat back when my team was actually relevant. When it comes to things can get the nostalgia boner going, I’d put Roundball Rock up with things like the Super Soaker 50, Ecto Cooler, No Fear shirts, and any big Nintendo game. Which is why you can’t play that classic before some Saturday afternoon game between Gonzaga and Creighton, no matter how high they are in the rankings. I don’t care if Gus Johnson is on the mic or not. That song needs to be saved for the best basketball players in the world in the best basketball league in the world.

If Fox wants to use Roundball Rock, they should only use it before a game with Zion Williamson and Duke because that’s pretty much an NBA team as is. And even then, the song should only play when introducing the Blue Devils instead of whatever team they are playing in the watered down college hoops NCAA that exists in 2018. I could even be convinced that Roundball Rock could have been used as the theme music for the old Big East Tournament before college football killed the old Big East. I guess that’s the barometer here. If another sport ragdolls you and is the reason major changes happen in your sport, you should not be allowed to have Roundball Rock or any other iconic theme music that doesn’t belong to you. And while we are here, can Fox stop using their NFL music during college football games or the MLB All-Star game? Because that melody puts me into a primal place that I should only go once a week during the marathon that is NFL Sunday. I don’t need it playing during some forgettable game between TCU and Baylor or after a Twin strikes out a Marlin to end the 7th of the Midsummer Classic.

*End of old man yelling at cloud rant*

Anyway since it’s Friday and related, here is one of the greatest, most ridiculous videos ever to get whoever is still stuck in the cubes at this time of night.