A Local Paper In Michigan Handed Out Free Joints To People After Recreational Marijuana Became Legal

Officials from every state that hasn’t legalized recreational marijuana yet should be forced to watch that video. Watch that video and see the positive effect legal (and free) weed has on people. Those people hadn’t even smoked the weed yet and they couldn’t stop smiling. They were grinning from ear to ear at the very prospect of smoking a free joint. Legalized recreational marijuana means happier people, less crime and you can tax it. Everybody wins.

Would you have taken a free joint from that random person? I think I would’ve but I would’ve been more weary of the camera than everyone else in the video was. I would’ve asked at least 45 follow up questions before I took the joint from the guy. Mainly, who are you? Am I going to get arrested? Why are you doing this? Where is the video going? Is this laced with meth? Are you the adult version Santa Claus? The questions could go on and on and on but every person in that video gladly took snatched the joint outta the guy’s hand in plain view of the camera.

I’d be afraid that as soon as I sparked the joint the FBI would be kicking my door off its hinges. The video idea would be, “Let’s see if these people will stupidly take free joints and then if they do, we’ll give their addresses to the federal government and have them arrested LOL.” But yeah I would’ve taken the free joint. Eventually.