Ryan Shazier is Back to Doing Dead Lifts

At this time last year, we were all wondering if Ryan Shazier would ever be able to move again. And here is a quick review of his 2018:

–January: It’s announced that he has feelings in his legs
–March: He shocks the world by standing up when he’s announced at a Penguins game.
–April: He walks on stage at the NFL Draft
–May: He goes back to the gym for the first time.
–November: He was back to jogging.

Now, just over a year after he was first injured, he’s doing dead lifts. With more weight than your puny Spongebob arms could ever manage. And in so doing, gives you reason to hope he’s well on his way to living a normal life again. Not in pro football, let’s hope. But just that he won’t be limited in whatever else lies ahead for him.

Seeing him come this far this quick is a testament to a lot of things. Medical science for one. Advancements in the field of physical therapy. The sheer random chance/dumb luck that is a factor any time massive athletes slam into each other. But especially to Shazier’s own determination to work his way back, stay positive, and not allow the misfortune of having his football career ended in a split second get the better of him.

Not to make this about anyone but Shazier, but as a kid I saw Darryl Stingley take a blow to the neck and never get out of a wheelchair again. He went on to live a full life, but it was impossible not to see Shazier lying on the field in Cincinnati and not think about Stingley. So this is something all of humanity can feel good about today. Here’s hoping the next time we see him, he’s doing the Clean & Press with a 1,000 pounds over his head.