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Enes Kanter's Brother Is Here To Talk All The Shit If You Speak Bad About Him

It’s Crosstown Shootout week. It’s absolutely a heated rivalry and to me the third best rivalry in the game. Simply put Xavier and Cincinnati despise each other. It’s a bit different this year with Travis Steele taking over for Chris Mack, when you had both coaches who grew up in Cincinnati it just added to it all.

So we had Mick Cronin getting asked about strange things on and off the court. Mostly relating to the fight from almost a decade ago, him and JP Macura getting into it a bit last year  and fans. However, he moved that to directly pointing out Kerem Kanter getting 17 on Cincinnati last year.

I love it though. Kanter should respond here. It’s not necessarily a shot at him, but it’s a bit of a dig at how he shouldn’t be scoring 17. So speak up for yourself. I have zero problem with either side saying what they did here.


Oh and since I live in the city, let me respond for both sides here:
Cincinnati fan – ‘You’ve never made a Final Four’
Xavier fan – ‘Stop living in the 1960s. You weren’t alive to see a Final Four.’