Vegas Is Still Learning How To Hockey, Set Off Goal Horn In The Middle Of A "No Goal" Call

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Hold up. Just have to make one quick audio change to make this video a little better…

Okay there we go.

Just an incredible video from start to finish. There is so much to dissect here but first, here is some context:

There were a couple minutes left in the 2nd period. Oscar Lindberg put the puck in the back of the net for Vegas but at the same time, the net become dislodged. So the goal was reviewed to see if the puck crossed the goal line before the net came off. It did. However, it ended up in the back of the net due to some goaltender interference. Referee Gord Dwyer was trying to explain that to everybody at T-Mobile Arena last night however, they do not have good manners over in Vegas because they interrupted him mid-explanation.

Now as soon as Gord Dwyer hears the roar from the crowd, he’s already like “what the fuck are these people doing?”. He knows he’s about to be in for a long one here.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 9.01.12 AM

Just look at that face of bitter disappointment. But the fans in Vegas don’t care to hear if he has anything left to say. Dwyer said the puck was in the net before it was dislodged? Time to celebrate. And they celebrated so hard that they even tricked the tv broadcast into prematurely changing the score.

And then the horn just keeps going and going. And you see it brings physical pain to Gord Dwyer each time it goes off. Watch his face as he winces with each blow of the goal horn that he knows damn well isn’t going to be necessary once this goal gets reviewed again.

And in the end? The goal was reviewed again, this time for goaltender interference, and it was called back. No goal. 2-2 game still. Cancel the goal horn. Cancel the celebrations. Get back in your seats, shut up and watch the game. I get that Vegas is still new to hockey and they’re still learning. But one thing they are goiong to need to learn quickly is that NHL referees have a flair for the dramatic. They like to draw out their calls. They appreciate the theater aspect of it all. So when a ref says one thing after a review, just know that it’s mostly because he’s setting himself up to say another. A ref is not done speaking until he’s done speaking. So unless you want something like this to happen again, I suggest just letting the zebra speak and don’t rudely interrupt him ever again.

P.S. – Yes, I am well aware that as a Philly fan I have no room to speak after the Sixers prematurely dropped confetti last year in the playoffs after that Marco Belinelli buzzer beater that ended up just sending the game into overtime, where the Sixers would go on to lose to the Celtics. At least the Golden Knights still won this game last night. But it’s funny either way.