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Max Domi Is Ruthless And Calls Zack Smith Out For Clearing Waivers

Man…the hate between these two teams is actually real. Yesterday we had Jonathan Drouin saying “We hate them as much as they hate each other” and now tonight the two teams are going head to head and we have Max Domi calling Zach Smith out for clearing waivers earlier this year.

I feel like those are the worst chirps. It was like the time PK Subban told Nikita Zadorov that while he may be a pussy, Zadaorov is still a terrible hockey player. Those are the chirps where you go back to the bench and you just have to admit defeat. The ones that keep you up at night after the game.

Regardless, I love this kind of stuff. I think there should be a premium NHL TV where you pay extra to hear your favorite players mic’d up. I’d pay half my paycheck to hear some of the chirps these guys give out. They are so clever and witty it’s insane. What a league.