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Showtime Has A Suge Knight Documentary Coming Out In A Few Weeks And I Cannot WAIT To See It

You knew that the moment Suge Knight heard that HBO was doing a documentary about Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, he was going to make sure he had his own doc coming out on a rival network and I am counting down the days until it comes out even if simply seeing Suge on screen scares me. I don’t care that he’s in jail, has never met me, and has no reason to attack me. That’s just the effect Suge Knight has on people. He is the boogeyman of rap with a million urban legends that are all true in my mind and it sounds like we will get at least a few of those stories told by Marion Hugh Knight Jr. That trailer alone mentions the Vanilla Ice story, which is an all-timer.

And of course The 1995 Source Awards could have its own documentary made about it.

But I can’t wait for the stories we haven’t heard of because any story that involves Suge Knight could be true, no matter how outrageous it seems. I don’t think we will ever get a Death Row era version of Straight Outta Compton no matter how good it would be just because of the legal hurdles it would take for Suge and all the artists from Death Row to sign off on it. But this Suge Knight documentary will probably be the closest thing we see to that for the foreseeable future and I think I am fine with that, no matter how hilariously it is skewed in Suge’s favor.