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George H W Bush Is Smiling Down From Heaven Because Houston Got An XFL Team

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George H W Bush led a long, heroic, blissful life. He was called “one of America’s true heroes” by Chaps. He has a long lasting legacy of service to the country, as both a member of our military and a politician, serving as:

Ambassador to the United Nations.
Chairman of the Republican National Committee.
Envoy to China.
Director of Central Intelligence .
Two Term Vice President Of The United States.
President of the United States.

But what is the first thing he thought of when he met Saint Peter at the pearly gates of Heaven? He looked down upon Earth, and let out a “we did it. We got that XFL team. Thank you Jesus, we did it.” And then Jesus walked by and high-fived him and they went and had a few cocktails together, celebrating the fact in a small matter of time, NFL drop outs and former college players would be playing in front of dozens of people in Houston. Just the way George H W Bush would have wanted it.