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Korean Sportscaster Absolutely Battles Through A Bloody Nose On Live TV

Inspiring stuff. We can all learn a lesson from that guy. That’s a pro’s pro right there. No excuses. No days off. The people of Korea need their NBA news and nothing will stop that man from delivering it to them. Not even when there’s blood GUSHING down his face like a fountain. THE SHOW GOES ON! How does a nose start running like a faucet outta nowhere like that? Did that guy snort a bunch of coke right before he went on camera? Or does that guy’s nose just get super dry in the winter time? I need an explanation because the blood didn’t trickle outta his nose like a creek. It flowed like a raging river. He even noticed what was happening in the moment and was like, “Just stay focused pal. Just stay focused. Eye on the prize. It’ll be over soon. The people need to know about LeBron’s 4th quarter against the Spurs” and plowed through. What a warrior. His co-anchor hit him with the Tom DeLonge WTF gif right in the middle of the show. Give that man a raise. Give them both a raise.