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Miley Cyrus Is STUNTING All Over London Right Now

MILEYYYYYY. She looks AMAZING. I don’t know what she is doing in London but she is looking chic af. I am a day 1 Miley fan, through all the crazy, I knew she would figure it all out. Gone is the short hair and crazy clothes. Just absolutely rocking all black outfits. Yesterday it was Gucci pants and sleek, long hair. The red lip?!? It’s all amazing. She’s also kept the blonde which I love.

Today is another all black look, with a fantastic mini skirt. I need that mini skirt ASAP or at least the knock off, cheap version that I can afford. She completes the look with the sleek hair, and this time more of a nude gloss lip.

Couldn’t be more here for it. Miley is heating up. She just had a new song come out with Mark Ronson and she’s slowly coming back to social media. The black and white videos she posted are beautiful. Maybe she’s coming up with a new B&W aesthetic for her Instagram? She loves a good theme.

Keep crushing it Miley.