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Miss Ohio Tweets A Poll Asking Who She Should Bring As A Date To The White House Holiday Party - Ohio State's Nick Bosa Shoots His Shot...AND SINKS IT.

NY POSTTaking his chances on Twitter, the Ohio State defensive end gave a shout to 2014’s Miss Ohio, Madison Gesiotto, after she polled social media about whom to bring as her date to the White House holiday party.

“Pretty easy decision,” Bosa replied.

On Wednesday, Gesiotto, 26, posted a sweet shot of the duo, using a smiley face emoji to caption the tweet.

Bosa, 21, the younger brother of Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa, is expected to be among the top selections in 2019’s NFL Draft.

I know it’s over-said, I know it’s getting cliche, I know people are running it into the ground.  But kids, things become cliche for a reason: because they’re true.  So remember:  shoot your shot.  Don’t let your life be defined by the risks you didn’t take.  If you want to go on a date with the beautiful Miss Ohio, don’t just stare at her on Google Images dreaming about what can be – tweet her.  Let her know how you feel.  Who knows – maybe it will work.


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Chances are it absolutely won’t though.  Just be prepared for that.  If you’re not a star D1 football player expected to go at the top of the NFL Draft, you will not be successful.  Know that going in.  But all the advice I gave still applies.