Nick Young Says God Came To Him In A Dream And Gave Him The Nickname "Swaggy P"


Nick Young was knighted Swaggy P from the Almighty. Ok then. God didn’t have anything else worthwhile to say in his visit to mortals? No? Amazing. Last time we heard from him he was giving out commandments for all of mankind or giving instructions to build an ark. Who would’ve thought the nickname of average guard on a team that just went 27-55 would hold such importance to humanity? Maybe it wasn’t a dream or God at all, Swaggy P. It could’ve been a bad batch of weed and the Burning Bush he thought was God was actually attached to one of his hoes. Same thing.

You don’t live Swaggy P’s life and smack THIS ASS on the regular by having a relationship with God. You do it by selling your soul to the devil. And I want in.

PS – Nicknames are either given or earned through looks, last name or athletic ability. Nothing worse than a person who try to give themselves their own nickname. A Koko will never be a T-bone.