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Raging Bull In A Crowded Market Sends An Innocent Bystander Into The High Heavens

SPAIN – This is the startling moment a huge bull runs into a crowd and flings a man high into the air before trampling over him during a traditional festival in Spain which left 18 people injured. The startling scene was recorded by an onlooker at the Bou en Corda (Bull on Rope) festival in the town of Ontinyent, in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia, which takes place every year to celebrate the Immaculate Virgin. In the video, the bull, which is tied to a rope being held by a group of revellers, breaks free and charges at a group of onlookers who sprint away. The huge bull catches up with the group and flings one man high into the air with its horns.

Ok, cool. Hook ‘em. Literally. That’s some serious hang time from getting goosed by a raging beast that’s for some reason going batshit in a crowded market. Good on his fellow humans to come running to his aid and try to distract the bull after he got thrown into the heavens and then trampled to hell. If that were NYC he would’ve laid there by himself underneath the bull until he bled out or time stops.