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LaMelo Ball Had Some AWESOME Layups During Yesterday's Game Against LCA

Credit where credit is due, Melo 2.5 dunks during that game. That’s 2.5 dunks to 2.5 thousand shots with 2.4 thousand of them being layups. This one was obviously a goal tend though.


The rest of them were “jelly”  layups, which for those of you who don’t know, are layups you do when you’re not good at dunking.  You move your hands around for no reason to  distract from the fact that you’re doing a layup.

To be honest, I wasn’t planning on doing another Melo blog, but after his groundbreaking 30 point 13 rebound performance last night Instagram went nuts and left me with no choice. I don’t know who runs the Overtime Instagram account, but whoever does should be fired. These are non highlights. All the attention is doing is making him cocky. The kid pointed at the crowd after barely flushing through the rim.

One inch lower and he would’ve got spun on to his back. With everything going on in the NBA you’d think that they’d have other things to post, but apparently not. Melo, if you’re reading this the challenge still stands. One-on-one. Me VS You, the winner retires from basketball forever.