Caroline Wozniacki Is Back On The Beach and Back On The Court

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.42.35 AM

It was announced this week that defending champ and former world #1 Caroline Wozniacki will return to the 2019 Australian Open in January.

Good for her. She recently said that she had a roller coaster ride of a 2018 going from winning her first Slam to being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and struggling through the rest of the year. And she’s officially back!

Butttt I’ll be completely honest. I’m not writing this blog to talk about tennis. Not that there’s anything wrong with liking tennis. I grew up casually playing it, watching it and still enjoy getting wrapped up in a good Grand Slam from time to time. But I’m really writing this because Caroline Wozniacki is currently on vacation the Cayman Islands and, per usual, is posting pictures that continue to make her extremely likable.

Nothing wrong with a much deserved vacation before defending your crown in January IMO. Live your best life and then get back to that #1 spot on the court, Caroline. I’m rooting for you.

I really didn’t have much of an opinion on her before Rory McIlroy broke up their engagement over a 10 minute phone call AFTER the wedding invitations were sent out. As I’ve said before, what a HOF asshole move. So now and forever, #TeamCaroline.

PS: These aren’t from her current vacation, but while I’m perusing her Instagram, I figured why not?

Happy #TBT!