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Stoolie Email: Would You Rather Your Team Win a Cup, Or the USA Mens Hockey Team Win the Gold Medal?


Ethan writes:

I will be 100x happier if the US wins gold than if Russia does, but I would trade a US gold medal for the Cup to be in DC any day.
Am I crazy in thinking this?

It’s hard to answer this, because the second you answer one way or another, the opposition can make a solid argument against you. So you have to drop your hardo attitude and answer from the heart and that’s that. If you answer your team, it doesn’t make you a flag burning terrorist. If you answer America, it doesn’t make you any more of a patriot, nor does it make you not a real fan of your NHL club.

So my answer, coming from the angle that if I were to die and was given one last wish between team USA winning the gold or the Caps winning the cup, is I would pick the Stanley Cup coming to DC.

Why? First, I’m selfish. I care about me. And I’ve never seen the Caps win a cup. My dad, an original Caps season ticket holder, has never seen the Caps win the cup. But he was there to see the Red Wings sweep them 4-0 in the 98 finals. It’s brutal.

Second, we will ALWAYS have 1980, and no Olympic hockey team will ever be able to top that. The USA men’s hockey team won the most important gold medal which will ever exist. Think about that. No gold medal will ever be as important as that one.

Finally, I love America. But winning the cup just has that “it” factor. Like if I die and never see the Caps, the team I’ve pumped more money, time, and love into than I have to my own family, it would be awful. I can’t stand the thought of it. So knowing the USA has already won the gold, I pick the Capitals raising the cup in DC and feel ok about it.

I’ve seen the Lightning lift the cup. The fucking Carolina Hurricanes lift the cup. Sidney Crosby has lifted the cup. I need to see my boys lifted the cup. Besides the Terps in 2002, I haven’t seen any of my teams win dick. And I absolutely NEED to.

Where do you stand?

Vote 1 for USA all the way, Vote 10 for it’s all about the Cup.

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