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Jonathan Drouin Says "We Hate Those Guys Like They Hate Each Other" About The Ottawa Senators

Yikes. Jonathan Drouin of the Montreal Canadians was speaking after practice on Wednesday and was asked about Thursday’s game against the Ottawa Senators and he responded with “We hate those guys like they hate each other”. Drouin quickly corrected himself, but let’s not act like this was a mistake.

Drouin 100000% did this on purpose. It just seems like the Canadians thing this year. They talk a bunch of shit and love to troll people. From Drouin, to Gallagher, to Domi. They are a bunch of shit talking Canadian fucks.

Being a Senators fan just stinks. Not like this really means anything, but this would sit in the back of my head every time I watch them celebrate after a goal or win I’d think “do these guys even like each other?”.

If the Senators win on Thursday night they NEED to do a team hug at center ice. Would be a giant fuck you to Drouin and the Habs.