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Wake Up With Mark McGwire's 500th Career Home Run
We did some Bonds moment last week for the wakeup and that got me thinking about some of the other big power hitters of the '90s and obviously Big Mac jumped to mind. You talk about one of the most dominating hitters ever, McGwire had guys pissing themselves on the mound. He sat in that box holding the bat real light and would just pounce on balls. They'd go flying all over the yard, into Big Mac Land and whatnot, he was awesome to watch, especially in that home run race in 1998 with Sammy Sosa.
Those two went homer for homer like it was a home run derby during the regular season, it was AWESOME. Running inside during the summer to watch SportsCenter to see who homered that day was so cool. The homer above is his 500th career homer, this one came in 1999, a year where he only hit 65 home runs, 5 less than the 1998 season.
This was a beautiful McGwire swing, dead center into the bushes where you had a crowd of people fighting over the 500th ball, because this was back when 500 homers meant something. Now it seems like it's not a big thing. They mention it and then they move on, this was always a whole big lead up to it, just ain't the same anymore.
Who cares that his neck looked like Trill Withers prize winning ham, or that his legs made Saquan Barkley's look small, or that he had career years at the ages of 34 and 35, guy could hit a baseball.
PS. Steroids were dope.