WOJ BOMB: Derek Fisher Has Been Hired As Head Coach Of The Los Angeles Sparks

I have to admit that I have built up a pretty decent tolerance to Woj Bombs over the years, but this one almost made my head explode. The Slippery Fish finds a new pond, this time in the WNBA of all places! Unnnnnfuckingbelievable. If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now. What’s next, Isiah Thomas becomes team president of the Liberty?

Anyway, shout out to Derek Fisher continuing to snake it til he makes it. A true survivor in every sense of the word. He survived a Matt Barnes beating, landed the Knicks head coaching job despite having ZERO experience as a coach and not discussing what type of offense would be run (wink, wink) only to go 40-96 before getting fired. You can’t keep a good man down and you apparently can’t keep Derek Fisher down either.

Then again, it’s hard to pass up a guy with motivational speeches straight out of Any Given Sunday

Or a Popovichian level grasp of X’s and O’s

Oh yeah and lets not forget those rumors of Derek Fisher getting involved in love triangles with girls linked to his players on the Knicks. I don’t know if the Sparks are looking to tank or throw shade at Phil Jackson for breaking if off with Jeanie Buss. But as a blogger, I could not be happier that Derek Fisher is back in my life and now running wild in the WNBA. Everybody in LA and in the Sparks organization better keep their heads on a swivel because the Slippery Fish is back on the hunt!