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Draymond Green Continues To Troll The Cavs Even After LeBron Has Left

You know that one friend that always has to talk shit to someone even if that person is knocked out and covered in a pool of his own piss? That is apparently Draymond Green. Because in case beating the Cavs three times in the NBA Finals, ending the LeBron 2.0 Era in Cleveland, and causing the Cavaliers to become the steaming pile of shit under Dan Gilbert whenever Gloria James’ son was playing anywhere else wasn’t enough, Draymond had to call them out for renovating their locker room to get that champagne smell out from last June. Forget acting like you’ve been there before and will be there again. Save that for Barry Sanders. Draymond is too dedicated to the troll game to simply go to shoot around, take a nap, and enjoy all the beauty that downtown Cleveland has to offer on a December morning. Instead he just keeps roasting the Cavs before ending with an A+ evil laugh. That’s how you play the villain against an entire city. Hell, if the Warriors win another title this year, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Draymond wore a shirt shitting on LeBron or the Cavs instead of whoever the Dubs beat this time to take home a ring. And yeah Cavs fans have the whole “Our team beat your 73-win team, caused you to cry in the parking lot”. But then Draymond can counter that he called his definitely not 7 foot friend that also happens to be a real life video game glitch on the court to break the NBA the last 2 years.

You may not like Draymond Green, but you have to respect how devoted he is to being a giant asshole. Except when he Snapchats pictures of his peg leg dick. You don’t have to respect that at all.