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No One Will Ever Be As Happy As This Dog With His Bucket

I could win the lottery while an army of Nina Agdals show up at my doorstep with the sole mission of perfecting the art of the Balcuzzi and I wouldn’t feel a 1/1000th of the happiness of this dog with his bucket. But I’m a miserable person by trait. Charcoal knows how to get the most of the little things in life and I respect the shit out of his game. It’s the definition of pure, unadulterated joy. I wish I can love something as much as this lab loves his bucket. That includes my family.

Also, everything is better with Eye Of The Tiger. Try pumping it out in rhythm and you’ll feel as manly as a Balboa even if you have the sexual stamina of a Mickey. Make it to the lyrics and you’re a better man than most.