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The Boss Is The Man Yet Again And Invited Stoolies To Play With Him On Stage In Hershey

Me and my buddy are die hard Springsteen fans. We saw him yesterday in Hershey Park with the intention of getting on stage-it happened. We brought a huge sign that said “Can We Jam With The E-Street Band” and had a spot 15 feet from the stage in the center. During “Dancing in the Dark” we let it rip and he brought us up to finish the song with the band. Thought you’d enjoy it.



First he lets teen brothers to sing beside him in Houston and now he invites Stoolies to jam out. Truly Boss. And yes it’s a good thing I didn’t make it out to Hershey on Wednesday. If I was anywhere close to the pit while he was picking people to come on stage would’ve been survival of the fittest. Like George Costanza running over children and the elderly but instead of escaping a fire I’m running towards the flames. If I’m that close there’s no way I’m leaving the venue, or most likely prison, the next day without a piece of Bruce’s clothing, hair or soul.

Total violation on the girls at not whipping out their best Courtney Cox impressions during Dancing In The Dark. Give it a little shake at least instead of standing there clapping like a dying fish. If there’s one time to not be a stale crouton, it’s on stage with The E-Street Band.

Also, Bruce looks better at 63 than I did at any point in my 20’s. No homo but definitely homo.