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George Bush Invented The Phrase "You Da Man!" At A Baseball Game In The '60s

George Bush Throwing Baseball

NY TIMESOne of the only things that 41 ever boasted about was when he began hilariously claiming, after he got out of office, that he had coined the phrase “You da man” in the ’60s. “He maintains he was inspired to shout it to the Houston Astros’ Rusty Staub as he rounded third base following a home run, and it slowly caught on from there,’’ Doro Bush wrote in her book on her dad.

At least, according to George Bush.

I don’t know why, but I believe him yo.

I mean somebody invented You Da Man.  It didn’t just come out of nowhere.  SOMEBODY was the first person to say it.  Why not George Bush?  You got a better answer? Prove it.

All I know is you can’t prove the late great George H W Bush wrong.  The man, the myth, the legend adds yet another incredible accomplishment to his resume.

You da man H.