Mixtape Of Highlights From All Of The Eagles Draft Picks Will Make You Need This Season NOW

SOLD! Don’t exactly prefer my football highlights to the soundtrack of Macklemore and that ok “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” song everyone’s heard but isn’t good enough to know. I guess beggers can’t be choosers.

Absolutely psyched to see what this draft class brings to the table come camp time. The tent achieved maximum height from the Jordan Mathews highlights alone. That steal will go down as one of the best Birds picks in years. Eddie Reyonlds looks like more of a ball hawk from what I remember, too. All we need is MURDER LEG decapitating the enemy on kickoffs in here and we’ve got ourselves the perfect preview highlight tape.

No shot those are true Eagles fans who got excited when Marcus Smith was selected at :35. All real football people gave at least a natural puzzled face for 3 seconds before any sort of emotions took over. Those fakes would’ve cheered if Goodell called out anything from Mike Mamula to Yukon Cornelius.

h/t @JohnMottaII