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Kyrie Irving And The Celtics Had A Pretty Cool Day Yesterday

Boston Celtics Spread Holiday Cheer By Caroling And Crafting With Patients At Boston Children's Hospital

No other way to say it other than this was really awesome to watch. We’ve seen the Celts do this during the holiday season before, and each and every time it warms my heart and fills me with joy. While we argue over rotations and lineup choices and why the Celtics struggle at times, we forget about the bigger picture sometimes. There are people, children, dealing with a whole hell of a lot worse than the inconsistent shooting of our favorite basketball team, so to see everyone come out and give these patients just a moment of positivity and something to take their mind off things is awesome and it always will be.

You can tell the players enjoy it as well, I mean look at Yabu’s face. I also have to give credit where credit is due, Kyrie’s voice is incredible. Not much of a Christmas carrol guy (see last name: Greenberg), but I’m pretty sure he nailed it. We clowned him earlier this summer when he put out this banger

but it’s clear the guy has range.

Either way I just wanted to make sure you saw what went down yesterday because it was an awesome moment, and one I think we can all get behind no matter how much this team may want to make you pull your hair out at times.

Well done to everyone involved.


I think my favorite part of the whole thing HAS to be Brad’s face here. Incredible