You'll Never Have A Best Friend Like Kyle Lowry Who Felt Betrayed By The Raptors Because DeMar DeRozan Was Betrayed

I will say this. You’ll never find a best friend like DeMar DeRozan has in Kyle Lowry. Ever since the trade for Kawhi happened, both guys have been pretty open about feeling betrayed. I get it. For one of the first times in Raptors history they had an All-Star in DeRozan who actually wanted to stay with the franchise. Vince, McGrady and Bosh all left.

But, Lowry may have taken it even harder than DeRozan. He refused to talk to the Raptors organization this summer. He’s continued to do his handshake with DeRozan despite him not even being on the team. He’s just doing it with air. And now he’s out here talking about being betrayed and getting the call at 2:30 in the morning from DeRozan.

I don’t know. Maybe he should look at what he has in Kawhi and the fact that the Raptors look like the favorite in the East. Maybe he should look at how he’s having probably his best season to date. Call me crazy, but I’d trade one of my idiot friends for that.