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Klay Thompson Just Beat The Cavs Again After Calling Them Bums And Idiots

2018 NBA Finals - Game Four

[B/R] – The Golden State Warriors guard lobbed a massive pile of shade at LeBron James (and/or the Cleveland Cavaliers) when reminded of the Cavaliers’ 2016 Halloween party that featured Thompson and Steph Curry on tombstone cookies.

“Oh, yeah. Ha!” Thompson told Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “That was funny. Look how that turned out. Psssh. Bums. That was crazy. I forgot about that. Well, look at what pettiness gets you. Gets you 1-8 in the Finals. Idiots.”

What a perfect quote. I mean I love that there’s still pettiness from the Warriors regarding the Cavs having a Halloween party with Klay and Steph on tombstones of the cookies after beating them in the NBA Finals. Even better is this quote is coming from Klay.

Out of all the Warriors that would make a comment like this you’d assume it’d be Draymond or maybe Durant. But, no it’s Klay just absolutely roasting the Cavs and really the city of Cleveland and possibly the state of Ohio. It’s wonderful. This is how you properly execute a jab during an interview.

I love how calm it is too. Calling someone a bum on a professional level is just so hilarious though.