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Mike Gundy Is Out Here Helping Degenerates

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  Source – The OSU coach sent an Oklahoma City radio host a $250 check after the host lost an on-air bet on the Cowboys. WWLS’ Rob Benton had bet that Oklahoma State would win at least eight games in 2018. OSU went 6-6.

I for now will be betting on Oklahoma State Football and sending my losers to Mike Gundy. This might be the coolest thing any coach has ever done. Mike Gundy gets it, when we bet on your team we believe in you. As a coach you should believe in your team and if you don’t hit your goal pay us back. It is that simple as that, it gives more incentive to everyone.

We should put in a rule where every coach has to be accountable to pay back one degenerate who has a futures bet on their team. It is only fair, were losing money when you lose and you are still getting paid. We can get this in motion if we all stick together. When a coach makes a shitty decision to ruin the over boom, send money to Marty.

Everyone knows that once you see that check you are immediately betting all of that because in a gamblers mind there is no way that money can lose. Your JuJu just changed for the week the more I talk about this, we need a petition. After I am done writing my letter to the NFL about Todd Gurley having an operation to take down all of us. This is next on the list, it will be my sole job to take down these bastards who are making us lose week in and week out.