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Grant Kersey, Virginia Basketball's Team Manager, Is Statistically One Of The Best Players In The Country

2-2 from the field (1-1 from 3), 5-5 from the line.

10 points, 1 assist (on a dunk to a walk on), and 1 steal, in just 9 minutes of play.

 Points per 40 minutes: Zion Williamson 31.8 RJ Barrett 31.1 Cam Reddish 28.8 Grant Kersey 44.4

Grant Kersey has taken over college basketball this year. Well, not really, but his story is pretty cool. He was the team manager for his first two years at UVA and this year head coach Tony Bennett has allowed him to dress for home games. Kersey has found his way into all four home games so far, since undefeated UVA has been blowing garbage teams out of the water. Last night he scored 5 points and dropped this dime. The crowd went bananas.

He’s basically Rudy.

I mean that’s pretty fucking cool. Maybe they could use this kid in the tournament so UMBC doesn’t happen again. He’s money from the foul line, imagine Bennett uses him as his main free throw shooter in big games? Fuck it, let Grant start, numbers don’t lie. The Knicks need to tank for Grant Kersey.