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Ryan From Ryan ToysReview Earns Every Damn Cent Of The 22 Million He Earned His Year

People are freaking out because the highest paid youtube star is a child. Let me say this as loudly as you can read, he earned every fucking cent. This dude, when he plays with the toys,,,, he really plays. It’s incredible. Dont believe me? Just watch.

Lego candy DYI? Buddy! I love legos and I’m on the record as saying that gummies are my favorite food group. You think that’s all Ryan can do? Yeah. That’s probably it right? WRONG. 60 million people have watched his disney quiz.

To put that into perspective, only 275k people have watched this gem.

and only 9k people have watched me fight a female bull which doesnt really seem worth it now.

Anyway, Ryan deserves his money. Simple as that.