Drake Was Apparently Given DeMar DeRozan's Old Locker In The Raptors Locker Room


I understand that the Raptors have to embrace one of the biggest superstars on the planet being from Toronto and repping them court side in huge games. It’s not easy for Canadian teams in American sports leagues to become cool outside of some sweet throwback jerseys




Or highlights of superstars past

But you cannot, under any circumstances give Aubrey Graham his own locker in the fucking locker room. Not just because this is the super extreme version of MSG hanging Billy Joel and Elton John banners from the rafters. But because The Boy is also The Benedict Arnold of sports. Flip flop city. You can live with your biggest celebrity fan playing footsie with other teams once the Raptors are bounced from the playoffs once again. I mean Durant was literally giving Drake titty twisters and his jersey last week.

You want to put a basketball polygamist court side? That’s fine. Put “The Boy” on his seat in big gold letters with the OVO logo. But inviting a potential Trojan Horse into your locker room that could simply drag his locker into the visiting locker room during the 2nd half and tell the opposing team your plays the next time LeBron or KD visit is next level crazy.