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Wake Up With George H.W. Bush Throwing Out The Very First Ceremonial First Pitch At Camden Yards


I was doing some digging on George H.W. Bush after hearing about his death on Friday night and came upon this video of him throwing out the very first Opening Day First Pitch at Camden Yards back in 1992. He was in office at that time and obviously there was no little brother team up 95 a little, so naturally Bush came to OPACY to see the opening of this beauty.

Always a fan of when the presidents throw out the first pitches, we saw Dubya do it a few times in DC, and of course his absolute dime throw after 9/11. His father's throw at Camden wasn't that good, as you see he bounced it in the batters box before it could get to home, but there is no doubt that H.W. could play some ball. We've all seen the picture of a young bush, a shrub will you, in his Yale baseball uniform with Babe Ruth, pretty neat.

George H.W. and W. both have a love for baseball, H.W. obviously being a big Houston fan, and W. owning the Rangers back in the 1990s, pretty cool that they're both in the video as well.