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What Should Seattle Name Their NHL Team? The Barstool Office Weighs In

The odds (according to Bovada) for the name of the new NHL team in Seattle (coming in 2021) are out. The Seattle Totems are the current favorite.. decent name. The Seattle Emeralds are +400… boring.  The Seattle Rainiers (+700)… that name stinks out loud… but the Seattle Sockeyes? (Also +700) AWESOME.


Twitter user @beware1984 made concept jerseys and logos and they are gorgeous.


Here are the rest of the potential names and odds.


Here is what Barstool HQ thinks they should be named…

Big Cat – Seattle Seals

Riggs – Seattle Sockeyes

Frankie Borrelli – The Seattle Rainers, he thought Rainiers was the Rainers… like rain. Then he decided on the Seattle Rain. Here is his his reasoning.

Seattle Rain – Goal notifications to phones could look like flash flood warnings. (Flash flood noise could be the goal horn). Announcers can use the term “pouring it on”, “they are in a drought”. They can make it look like it is raining in the stadium when the team comes on the ice with those cool lights they use in concerts and movies and shit.

PFT – Seattle Cougars or the Seattle Sea Lions

Nate - Bring back the Whalers

Feitelberg – “Rainiers sounds the coolest but it’s a horrible marketing decision”

Brett Merriman – “Seattle Rainiers but Sockeyes is tight”

Smitty – Seattle Kraken

Young Pageviews – Seattle Sockeyes

Ria – Seattle Firebirds

Gaz – Seattle Whale

Robbie Fox – “Why can’t they be the Super Sonics?”

Kate – Seattle Kraken

Kenjac – Seattle Cougars

Devlin – Seattle Sea Lions

Fran – Seattle Eagles

Glenny Balls – Seattle Firebirds

Francis – Seattle Sockeyes

Liz – Seattle Seals

Kenjac – Seattle Cougars

Kayce – Seattle Firebirds

Jeff Lowe – Seattle Totems

Ellie – Seattle Rainiers

Marty Mush – Seattle Seals

Hubbs – Seattle Kraken – “I would refuse to get on the same ice rink as that team.”

Trent – Seattle Renegades

Jack Mac – Seattle Kraken

Matt Brown – Seattle Renegades

(h/t Darren Rovell)