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Marty Mush Monday Gambling Slate

My YTD is now 69-64-3 and the weekend was a bit rough. I once again have to slow it down a bit because I am on thin ice with the bookie.


Redskins @ Eagles -6

I just posted Mush Monday and I am on my last straw with the Eagles. I have been waiting for all season waiting for them to show up and play like they did last year. It hasn’t happened but they need this win and I refuse to put my money on the Redskins and Colt McCoy. The Eagles are obviously hurt in the secondary but Colt won’t be able to put it past them.

Pick – Eagles -6 


Wizards -1 @ Knicks

We have a dog shit game here and I understand the spred because the Wizards are hurt as shit. I am looking past that because one person isn’t hurt and I think he can beat the Knicks team by himself. John Wall is going to beat the shit out of them. I have watched too many Knicks games this yer and they are just so bad.

Pick – Wizards -1 

Nuggets @ Raptors -7

The Raptors are a very scary team at home but the Nuggets are on a five game winning streak. Denver is a very good team and 7 points is too much. Give me the points and watch for Paul Milsap to to have a big impact in the game. I do feel like they will be able to contain Kawhi and I love this pick.

Pick – Nuggets +7 


Rockets -2 

Again, Positive vibes only. We are in this together so stay positive. Mush to the Moon.