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It Is Inexcusable That We Don't Have Awesome Songs For Our Athletes In America

I caught this on Twitter yesterday after the Merseyside Derby (which had an incredible finish that Francis already blogged about) and I’ve been filled with regret ever since. It’s been said a million times, 750,000 times by me, but it is an embarrassment to our nation that we still don’t have catchy, awesome songs to sing about our athletes and get rambunctious to. How do we continue to call ourselves the greatest nation in the world when Tom Brady doesn’t have a single, well known song that we croon for him each Sunday night after he dazzles us on the field? It’s disgusting.

This is hard for me to say but American sports fans kinda stink. As a country we share one song that we scream from the stands in arenas and stadiums, Seven Nation Army. That’s just universal. Same with “DEE-FENSE.” When teams try and branch out to create their own, special cheer, it’s always just bragging that they can spell the mascot or team name. The Jets and Eagles do this, Florida State and Clemson as well, and I’m sure countless others brag about their marvelous ability to spell simple words, like they’re children who just learned the skill.

So I’m putting American sports fans on notice. Get some awesome songs, or at least form team gangs (firms, if you will. Yeah, I saw Green Street Hooligans and read Among the Thugs, no big deal), then I will recognize us as the greatest sports fans on earth. Until that time, I’m letting England wear the crown.