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Netflix Is Already Ruining 2019

WTF. Netflix has already been on my shit list after taking off One Tree Hill and It’s Always Sunny. Now Friends?! It’s the go to “what do I put on while I fall asleep” and “getting ready for a night out” show. Which is not an insult, it’s actually the opposite. It takes a long time to find your perfect show to play at any and all times. I need short episodes, funny, light, puts you in a good mood, etc. Shows like The Office and Parks and Rec also fall into this category but Friends was always top dog for me. Now come January 1, 2019 it will be no more.

Hulu has been coming in strong and adding the shows that Netflix dumps (One Tree Hill, Sunny). So please, Hulu, give Friends a new home. I don’t know how any of this works with licensing and payment and what not, I really don’t care. Friends must be streamable. If Netflix wants to lose that privilege then I hope some place else will take on that responsibility.

And obviously, people are mad on the internet.

Thanks a lot Netflix. Ruining 2019 before it has even started.