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Pete Davidson Responds To Haters On Instagram By Posting This Emotional Message

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again, I feel bad for Pete Davidson. He put this message up on Instagram saying that people have come after him every day for 9 months without knowing any facts or frame of reference. He also mentions how he has spoken about his BPD disorder before and being suicidal in hopes that it would bring awareness and no matter how many times someone tells him to kill himself, he won’t.

Pete has been very open about his struggles with BPD saying it has caused him depression and anxiety and has also helped people by being open about this by letting everyone know you can live your life normally even if you have this disorder. It’s unfortunate and unfair that people take this and use it against him.

This was a a very emotional, strong, and real message. If you’re telling Pete Davidson to kill himself all because of a breakup, you have serious issues. Nobody knows EXACTLY what’s happening in everyones lives but we all assume and sometimes it just goes too far. Pete was engaged to the biggest pop star in the world and it all came crumbling down so of course he is going to have some haters, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to tell him (or anyone) to kill themselves.

I sincerely hope Pete stays strong and can move past all of this one day. He does have a movie that he starred in that’s coming to Sundance so good for him.