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A Drunk Guy's Windshield Wipers Weren't Working So He Drove With His Head Outside The Window Like 'Ace Ventura' - Guess What Happened Next!


A man was taken into custody and processed for DUI after crashing his car into a tree, according to a police accident report.

The report says the man was driving eastbound on South Cotner Blvd. near South 56th Street when he veered off the road, striking and uprooting a tree in a nearby yard, and coming to a rest after colliding with a retaining wall.

The man told officers that he had crashed because his windshield wipers weren’t working and he was forced to drive with his head out the window “Like Ace Ventura,” the report says.

The report shows the man had a BAC of .137.

Alrightyyyyyyy then! So let me get this straight. A guy was really drunk and driving his car. His windshield wipers weren’t working so he was down to two options. 1) pull over and resolve this conflict in a reasonable manner 2) continue driving while sticking your head outside the window like Ace Ventura. Yeah, option 2 for sure, we have no time to pull over and be rational about this. So what happened?

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.38.02 PM

He crashed into a tree.

Damn, who could have seen this one coming. If you can do it in the movies then you can do it in real life. The tree must’ve come out of nowhere. Unlucky.