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Liverpool Won The Merseyside Derby On The Most Unlikely Goal You'll See This Season

96th minute. Merseyside derby. The most contentious rivalry in the Premier League. Two teams that hate each other, whose fans hate each other, and Liverpool wins on a FIFA glitch? Tough.

I don’t really blame Everton keeper Jordan Pickford for this, as much as everyone else is. Sure, you expect a goalie of his caliber to tip the ball over the bar if there is any question about it. But it was coming STRAIGHT down with an insane amount of spin. It was a one-in-a-million sliced ball off the foot of Van Dyke that somehow, miraculously, came down straight on the crossbar. It bounced TWICE on the bar, then landed on the waiting head of Divock Origi. If you watch, Van Dyke hits that ball to the moon and then turns around to head upfield, embarrassed. He has no idea he’s just delivered the most unlikely assist perhaps in the history of the derby. To call it a howler is a little unfair to Pickford.

Poor Everton. Always the bridesmaid. They’re having a good season too, currently in 6th. They can’t possibly compete with their mighty neighbors, try as they might. I was there in September and Everton’s Goodison Park is less than a mile from the Liverpool grounds. But at 14 points behind their hated rivals, they might as well be in a different league. Especially when the rivalry game is decided on a goal like this.