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Halsey Basically Told John Mayer To His Face That She Wants To Bang Him

First off, John Mayer and Halsey might be reading this so what’s up guys? They said last night they couldn’t wait for the roundup of articles this morning about them and honestly I’m just adding to the pile.

A few weeks back there were multiple dating rumors about Halsey and John Mayer. John and Halsey were leaving comments on each other’s Instagram pages and people took that as flirting and ran with it:




After this happened I came to John and Halsey’s defense:

This brings us to last night. As always, John Mayer hopped on IG live to give us the best late night show like he always does on Sunday nights. Tons of laughs, music, and Halsey as a special guest. I actually love them together as friends and thought the whole show was great. We knew at some point they had to address the dating rumors because it was a hot topic the last few weeks and here they are on IG live together. To address the rumors they played a game called “Are We Dating?”…

Just as we expected! Nope not dating! They also gave reasons as to why they would never date but then this happens…

John asks Halsey if she ever gets upset when she debunks a dating rumor because it was nice to fake date someone or if she ever just starts dating someone because the rumors are already there. Halsey says that was the last 18 months of her life. Then Halsey continues to say that it sucks when you debunk a dating rumor and then you wake up the next morning and think to yourself, “I wanna have sex with that person” followed by awkward pauses with them going back and forth saying “it’s weird”. Now you may think I’m reaching here but If you don’t think Halsey subliminally was saying that she wants to have sex with John Mayer you’re out of your mind. They may not want to date each other but a little sex? Definitely a possibility. Also Halsey, if you’re reading this and disagree just take a good look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I’m lying.”

I have no problem with this. If Halsey wants to basically tell John Mayer to his face that she wants to bang him, go ahead. If you’re lucky enough to get face to face with John Mayer like that then you do what you have to do. But what happened after all of this? They sang together and closed the show. Yeah that’s nice and whatever but I didn’t get a fucking inspirational message. One of the reasons I love John Mayer’s IG Live show “Current Mood” is because he USUALLY ends the show with an inspirational message to get us through the week. Instead we got a rendition of “Without Me” with John and Halsey (which was AWESOME by the way) but how am I supposed to feel inspirational on this Monday morning?

I guess I’ll have to go back and watch some of his old inspirational talks. Thanks John.