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"Passenger Shaming" Is A New Trend On The Internet Where People Take Pictures Of Gross Behavior On Airplanes





(Source) Attention, rude airline passengers who treat airplanes as their own personal lounging areas: Social media is coming for you. Passenger Shaming on Instagram and Facebook is the latest trend in Internet shaming: It aims to shine the bright light of online justice on people whose rude, often gross airplane behavior makes the flying experience even more miserable for the rest of us. The photos are submitted via email by anonymous flyers and flight attendants to Judging from the pictures, there’s some weird version of a flying foot fetish going on. The majority of pics on the site show people in bare feet — which they then put in places where they don’t belong.



I have a question. What ever happened to real life shaming? I fundamentally don’t understand how this works. So you see someone with their shoes off on an airplane, you take a picture, upload it to instagram and that’s it? What the fuck? How about telling the person they’re a disgusting asshole and to have some common courtesy? Do we fight all of our battles on the internet now? Are people this afraid of confrontation? Like this person.





Are you really telling me that this person was sitting on a flight, had the lady behind him slip her wart infested toes up the arm rest and instead of telling her to cut the shit he took a picture and sent it to a website? What the fuck? People may not agree with me here but that says a lot more about the person taking the picture than the person with their shoes off. Gross behavior happens, being a pussy coward that can’t simply tell someone to stop rubbing their boils on to your elbow is a whole different level. Figure it out America.





This is 100% a hot chick’s feet, you don’t tell a smoke to put her feet away, you smile at her when you pass by and then think about how she sort of smiled back and probably wants to fuck in the bathroom mid flight.







Also I would never tell this guy to stop. Telling a man to put his tits away is like telling a person they can’t breathe.