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Tyson Fury Made Everyone Sing 'American Pie' With Him At His Post-Fight Press Conference On Saturday Night

While addressing his controversial draw with WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder this weekend, lineal champion Tyson Fury uttered the phrase, “Life continues”, and jokingly sang a few bars from John Mellencamp’s ‘Jack and Diane’.

“Oh yeeaah, life goes ooonnn…even after the draw is done!”

He then decided he’d like to do a lot more singing, and broke right into an impromptu acapella version of ‘American Pie’, inviting everyone in the room with him, media included, do sing with him, and they did.

I don’t want to beat you over the head with a sorta “Tyson Fury is the fucking best”-fest, because I know Large and I did a bit of that on Barstool Breakfast this morning, and Hubbs has been doing a bit of it as well, but honestly…Tyson Fury is the fucking best. He just is. That’s why we’ve all been doing it. I mean…he got up from THIS:

Excuse me?

Sir, you were dead a second ago and now you’re outboxing the Heavyweight Champion of the World…so allow me to restate my question: Excuse me? How did you do that?

The moment itself honestly reminded me of the scene in the first Creed, where Adonis gets knocked down in the twelfth round of his fight with ‘Pretty’ Ricky Conlan, everything he’s fighting for flashes before his eyes, and he awakes like a fuckin’ zombie.

Powerful stuff. Anyway, though, yeah. That’s Tyson Fury making everyone sing ‘American Pie’ by Don McLean, just moments after surviving a heavyweight war – and if the masses’ opinions are to be believed – you could swap the word ‘surviving’ for ‘winning’ in that statement. And he did that…because he’s the fucking best.