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Nick Foles Is Campaigning For Madden Cover Votes In A Video That Was Filmed With A Toaster

Hey, Nick, last time I checked you’re a millionaire and your Dad is like a gazillionaire. May be time to upgrade from that Razor flip phone and get you one of those smart deals. But it’s fine. Keep on filming yourself with a potato and uploading it via AOL dial-up to your Napster account. The LAST thing we need is to have Madden throw his voodoo Turducken curse on our franchise QB. The worse you look during this “campaign” the better. Hire Joesph Goebbels’ grandson as his propaganda guy and spread the word of a Final Solution in the video game world for all I care (OK, maybe don’t do that). The point is stay as far away from winning this title as possible. It’s not worth it in the end. Vince Young and Peyton Hillis once graced the cover of Madden, too.

PS – Think I’m 7-2 before the Barstool Philly Madden Challenge fizzled out. And by fizzled out I mean my PS3 got the red light of death and the Asian computer shop around the corner closed down. Going to have to get that baby going again soon. I still un-apologetically kneel in Madden. You play to win the game, period.