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The Mo Bamba Craze Has Officially Made It's Way Into Christmas Lights

Have you ever seen anything quite like the Mo Bamba craze? I’m almost certain I haven’t. That song has taken over the world in a way that few songs ever have. It has become the unofficial anthem for college kids across the country. The song comes on and these young whipper snappers lose their fucking minds. A big part of me wishes I was still a college kid just so I could properly experience Mo Bamba as it’s supposed to be experienced. Yeah I’ve listened to it but I’ll never get the full experience because I’m an almost-30-year-old-man who feels uncomfortable at college bars now. I walk into a college bar these days and people look at me like a narc. They can sniff me out the moment my body makes it’s way through the door. I smell like life insurance and unpaid student loans. I wish it wasn’t that way but it is. Mo Bamba isn’t my college anthem and it never will be and that makes me sad.

Mo Bamba played at the Rough N Rowdy event I went to and I thought the venue was going to collapse onto itself. It was a raucous environment filled with blood thirsty college kids ready to watch Florida’s finest punch each other in the face. There was real danger in the air and that’s what you want. There’s seemingly no place where Mo Bamba doesn’t get the people going. Bars, house parties, football games, RNR events in Jacksonville and we can now add Christmas lights to that list. That’s the coolest house in that neighborhood and any neighborhood.