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Start Your Week Off Right By Watching Frank The Tank Lose Power And His Mind

I woke up to being tagged in this video this morning and haven’t stopped laughing since. Frank The Tank losing power while a camera recorded was, pardon the phrase, absolutely electric. We have seen Tank rant against the Mets, the weather, and of course those faceless sons of bitches at New Jersey Transit.

But Frankie Midnight losing power in the No Man’s Land after hours when he is pumping out that overnight content while everyone else sleeps was simply priceless. You would think Frank fashioning a new belt because he has been crushing his new diet would be a pretty basic video. But something special always happens when Frank Fleming hits record. Instead you get a blackout, a turkey clock gobbling at Frank’s misery, and Frankie Midnight turning into the Frank Witch Project before letting out a sigh that only a true Mets fan could let out. Reread that last sentence again and watch the video one more time. Content machines like Frank The Tank aren’t made. They are born.

Full video here: