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Shoutout To Gillette Stadium Playing "Thank u, Next" At The End Of The Vikings Game

The Patriots always have and always will lead the NFL in petty moves. From Brady’s “Roger That” commercial after the Deflategate Super Bowl to 283 diamonds being in the Falcons Super Bowl ring to signify the blown loss, they are incredible at winning then rubbing your face in it. Today’s edition of that is playing Ariana Grande’s smash hit “Thank u, next” as the Pats wind down the clock and run them out of the building. I love everything this team does so much it could make my heart sing. I picture every pregame speech from Belichick like Jack Reilly of the Hawks, “It’s not worth winning if you can’t win big… then smash it into your opponents face.”

I’m very here for this becoming the Patriots thing as the season comes to a close. Thank you, get the fuck off our field, next.