Adam Thielen Got Put In A Body Bag By Bill Belichick

What a strange series of events. I don’t even know what Thielen was doing here? He was upset the greatest coach of all time wanted a second look at a suspect at best first down call? That was the line for Adam Thielen? Real weird move. Even stranger move to proceed to drop the next pass thrown his way. But I can understand that a little more. It must have sank in what he just did. It was like he stepped on a mafia boss’s shoe during his daughter’s wedding. All he could think of while he was running routes the rest of the game was that he had offended Bill Belichick and now his house is probably going to burn down on Christmas Eve as punishment. If he’s LUCKY Belichick has already forgotten about this and that “Shut the fuck up” will rattled around Adam’s cranium for the rest of time, constantly looking over his shoulder waiting for the other shoe to drop.

UPDATE – Thielen is already on the plane hiding under his seat