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Your Obligatory Odell Beckham Jr. Is The Best Quarterback On The Giants Blog

Lots of people made that joke, so I had to make sure we had it covered in blog form. However, if Odell keeps throwing 50-yard missiles through the air after a juke, we may have a legitimate QB controversy on our hands. People criticized the Giants paying Odell Beckham Jr. more than any receiver in football. But he would only be the 9th highest-paid QB in the league behind such legends as Alex Smith and Andy Dalton. Game, set, match: Gettleman.

Now come the funny stats


And the sad stats

UPDATE: Odell scored a touchdown the old fashioned way during the writing of this blog.

No jokes were made about him being the best wide receiver on the Giants. I will update the blog if I see any. Thank you for your time.